Every week a group of singers take the stand, each with a different style and sound of praise!

  • Sanctuary and Mass
  • Ensemble
  • PAC Choir
  • Female and Male Choruses
  • Youth Choir

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Plays, commercials, sketches, voice overs etc. are all handled by our Drama Team and serve to entertain, enlighten, and minister God’s Word.


Street Revival is a label/ministry comprised of Sebastian “Sebass” Pettes, Justin “Justmix’n” Johnson and other artists. As a duo, Sebass and Justin travel throughout the city of Houston and beyond, performing at various churches and prisons. They’ve been blessed with opportunities to share the Gospel message at local neighborhood events, drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation centers, and musical events.


Our praise dance group and mime troupe is open to various age groups and performs quarterly during our regular church services and on special occasions

Sermon Downloads

Pastor Canning’s Sunday sermons are made available to you for your private devotional study time in the form of PDF sermon downloads.

You can keep them on your printer, smartphone or tablet to read on-screen or print them out. We try to make them available for download the day after the sermon is presented to the congregation during regular worship times.

Sermon Videos

All Sunday sermons are available in a video format for viewing on almost any portable digital device that streams video. Video allows you to catch sermons you may have missed while out of town or as a study tool.

In addition to the LWFC website, videos of Pastor Canning’s teachings can be found at PaulCannings.TV.

Audio Sermons

We make audio sermons available online for your convenience. These tools can help enrich your private study or devotional time by reinforcing teaching given on Sunday mornings.

If you would prefer an audio CD, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Power Walk

Pastor Paul Cannings has developed Power Walk ministries to be a teaching and leadership development resource for both pastors and believers interested in spiritual growth.

The Power Walk website has teaching tools in the form of books, CDs, DVDs, and MPs available for download.


Sermon Title Scripture Date PDF
Living Among Lions Daniel 6:5-6,10,16, 21-23 June 11, 2017 [ddownload id="5702" sstyle="button" button="black" text="Download"]
Faithless Man Genesis 12:10-20 June 4, 2017 [ddownload id="5685" sstyle="button" button="black" text="Download"]
The Golden Rule Matthew 7:1-6 May 28, 2017 [ddownload id="5682" sstyle="button" button="black" text="Download"]
Grace Genesis 33:1-17 May 21, 2017 [ddownload id="5676" sstyle="button" button="black" text="Download"]

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