Our Story

In July, 1993, Living Word Fellowship Church was organized and the vision became reality. Four other men took up the charge to run with the vision. George Burrell, William Roque, George Nelson and Emmet Welch. They participated in ministry training and leadership development at the studios of Christian Radio Station KHCB.

Teaching and evangelism ministries were implemented toward the end of 1993 and the first worship service was held at Hoffman middle school in January, 1994. The first leadership retreat also took place in January 1994 and several ministries began to function, including missions. Today, LWFC supports missions in ten countries around the world. In the spring of 1995, the leadership structure was solidified through the ordination of six deacons and three elders. Believing God’s promise that he would establish those who honor him, the building fund pledge was instituted and later allowed the purchase of 28.3 acres of land on the corner of W. T.C. Jester and Holder forest, our current location. The Word of God continued to draw and necessitated a move from Hoffman Middle School to 14655 N.W. FWY. Many of our current ministries were implemented during this time, including women’s ministry discipleship, single’s ministry, AWANA, men’s ministry, new membership, jail and prison ministry, youth ministry.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for our present worship site were held January 10, 1999. To mark the occasion, a motorcade processional was driven from the N.W. Freeway location to our new site. The event was highlighted by a message on fasting from the dynamic, entertaining, yet biblically sound Dr. Martin Hawkins of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Since its inception, LWFC has been a place alive with the Word of God in full effect. We have seen God’s direct intervention to progress the church above and beyond what we could have ever hoped or imagined for such a young fellowship.

Isaiah 26:7 says, But for those who are righteous, the way is not steep and rough, you are a God Justice and you smooth out the road ahead of them.

God smoothed out the path to an outreach center by providing us with the deed free and clear to Candlelight Bible Church along with five acres of land. The name was changed to reflect the church’s vision and is now known as the LWFC Christian Outreach Center. The provision of the outreach center allows us to operate several ministries to impact the community for God’s glory. Including PACE, a ministry that serves young people released from the Texas Youth Commission. [PACE is the recipient of several local and state awards for its positive impact on the lives of the youth and families it serves]. Along with PACE, a new economic community development corporation was also housed at the outreach center as well as TRIAD a program sponsored by Harris county that provides counseling to youth and their families to prevent truancy. It is also the location of the Recovery and Restoration Project. What a mighty God we serve. 1999 was a year of preparation for possession of the land that God had given us. Many of that year’s sermons were focused on practical Christian living and service and prepared us for the transition to our new location. The last message of the year was given on December 26, 1999, and carried the very fitting title of “A land to Possess.”

Events of the year 2000 included the opening of ABC Word Academy, our Christian Day Care and pre-school and our membership in the Greatest Houston Bible Churches Association. The year 2001 saw even more of the vision come into focus as God continued to fulfill in Living Word the prophecy of Joshua 1:2, every place on which the sole of your foot shall tread, I have given it to you. Inwood Oaks Baptist Church and Christian School, formerly a place where we only held Bible study and baptisms became a part of the LWFC acquisitions. Inwood is now the site of our youth Worship Center and Living Word Christian Academy, both of which are part of the original long term vision of the church. Living Word Christian Academy is also the host site of our annual outreach block party and the Thanksgiving and Christmas community feasts.

Another highlight of 2001 was the development of PowerWalk Ministries. PowerWalk was specifically created by Pastor Cannings to challenge believers to put their faith to work. Today, PowerWalk can be heard on several stations around the nation and offers church leadership development workshops, training materials and church consultations. In 2002, our entry into the worldwide web and opportunities for ministries continued to grow.

Members have a choice of more than 100 ministries through which they can carry out the vision of impacting the community and the world for the glory of God! In 2003 our membership surpassed the 1000 mark and we gained a new Assistant Pastor, Ken Lane. We are grateful for God’s faithfulness to us. We look at what he has accomplished with awe and wonder and our hearts rejoice in the favor He has shown to Living Word.

We look to our future and all that God wants to do through us as a body of believers. We are committed to making a difference for God’s glory. We encourage you, we admonish you, we challenge you to commit to grow in your personal walk with God in order to personally experience Him so that together, as one body, united in Christ, we can make Him known because remember, the difference we make begins with you.

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