Living Word Fellowship Church Women’s ministry offers a variety of opportunities for women with the purpose to equip women to mature in their relationship in Christ, to fellowship with one another, building genuine relationships and to serve others through Christ. Our Women’s Ministry provides various ways for each woman to connect with a variety of women spiritually, emotionally and socially as we grow in Christ and with each other together.

Our focus is to serve God by reaching and discipling women for Christ as we encourage spiritual growth in them. We do this by having a prayer time, small group bible study and fellowship with all women of the church.

We firmly believe what the New Testament scripture of Titus 2:3-5, concerning older women are instructed to teach younger women how to love their families and how to live their lives.

Just like a jewel is enhanced by its cuts, angles, and polishing, we pray that God will use our ministry to enhance each woman’s true beauty, skill and god given gifts, as we serve side by side each woman who is in the body of Christ.

So we invite each woman to come out for two hours each first Saturday of the month to enjoy great fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

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Living Word Fellowship Church
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Sunday Morning Service - 9:45 am
Life Application Classes - Sundays - 8 am and 12 pm
Bible Study - Tuesdays - 12 pm and 7 pm